New medical home visits

Benedictes and her son Marcus has made four new home visits today with Diomedes.

We went to a 17 year old boy with serious epilepsy who we provided with medication for one year and an appointment with a specialist.

We also met two young men, one with a serious kidneydisease and one with a serious gutdisease. Both of them got medication for one year, and for the latter, this means that he will probably be able to go back to work. For a 30-year old man, this truly means a lot.

Last, we met a man with diabetes who has lost several toes and his sight to his disease. We got him medication for one year and an appointment with a optician to provide him with glasses that can give him some vision – he was indescribably happy!

Thank you again so very much for the support you provide, we would not be able to do this without it ♥ ️

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