The removal of a sixth finger

Meet my good friend Pinguilo. He is a four year old, very charming boy from Haiti who lives with an almost countless number of family members in a shed. We met him the first time when he was a newborn baby and has met him every year since. He is one of many siblings, and he is often out late in the streets looking for something to eat

The family almost only eats rice and he is malnourished with a big stomach. At the same time he has a beautiful smile and charms everyone on his way. He has a sixth finger on one hand and the other children have teased him for this.

With the parents permission I removed Ps extra finger this summer. He thought it was very scary, but he was very tough. Afterwards he got two spinners of Marcus and then we bought some ice cold coca cola. We left 600 norwegian kroners at the store, so Pinguilo and his family can eat more varied food in the next few weeks when the wound is healing.

Today, our partners in La Cienega have sent us a picture of Pingilo – he is very proud of the result! And we are looking forward to meeting him again soon ♡

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