The beginning of our house program

Thank you very much for sharing your posts, giving contributions and writing to us! Today has been the toughest day we have had since we started working down here. Eivind is opening his house project and we have visited families who have applied for our help through our partners. What we saw today was an unimaginable need for help.

We have been allowed to share the stories with you.

First, we visited the house of a fisherman and his family. She is home with her two children aged 2 and 4 while he is fishing. Five years ago, their house was destroyed in one of the autumn storms and it has taken water since. They can not afford a new floor or ceiling, so they have tried to repair to the best of their ability, but the condition of the house was absolutely terrible.

The next house was equally heartbreaking. Here, too, the man was at work when we arrived while the wife was at home and cooked. He has the worst paid job here and is only paid 2 out of 7 days. The wife is only 17 years old and already mother of two little boys. The oldest was a little over 1 year and had a body full of flea bites. He constantly scratched himself and lubricated himself with a soap piece to relieve the itching. We gave medicines to him and offered her mother to come to the birth control clinic and get an implanon on thursday. She was very, very grateful for this.

We visited many more houses and in all we found families with sad stories. One of the most impressed is an 18 year old boy who is alone. The mother died of AIDS, only she was 35 years old when he was 14 years old. He has never hit his father. Now he lives alone, he has no education and no job. He receives food from various acquaintances. The walls of the house are made of cardboard and the decoration is a big picture of his mother. It leaks water from the ceiling, so he sleeps with plastic over him at night.

Renovating houses will cost a good deal. But we see that it will mean infinite a lot for these people and with their help, we will do it.

Again, thank you a thousand times!

(If more would be to support Eivind’s house project, you can turn to him at 40408047, to me at 90205152 or choose pay to 131609 The Sofia Program.)

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