Implanon clinic

Back in Cabarete. Where on one side of the main street you will find gorgeous beaches, luxury hotels and world class surfing. On the other side of the street, you’ll find a neighborhood where over 90% live in poverty. They have a school system without resources, little access to healthcare and a fast growing population. One of the main reasons why poverty here goes by cycle is that 40% of girls become mothers while they are even teenagers – 28% experience at least one pregnancy already aged 11-15 years.
Today we held a free birth control clinic and were overwhelmed to find a queue of girls already before we opened. After the health check and pregnancy test, we put the p-stick at all. A p-stick gives them 3 years of safe contraception.
The youngest girl was 14, the oldest 21. Several are already mothers, but this ensures that they do not get more children and thus increase the chance of getting a job. It’s hard to change the culture down here – but the interest that was today – gives us hope that we can reach many and hopefully reach them before they get children. We believe that by strengthening the girls’ opportunity for education – the families will be given the opportunity for a life beyond poverty.

Thank you very much for all your contributions. Without that, this would not be possible ♡

If more people wish to support us, you can turn me to (90205152), Eivind (40408047) or choose pay to 131609 The Sofia Program.
You can also be a sponsor by making a fixed transfer to 1503 96 51510 of 80 kr per month. 80 kr may not be much for us at home, but here it gives two girls birth control and a children’s school equipment ♡

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