Building 3 houses!

Today, we were able to give amazing news because of you.

We visited Angel Luis – the boy who lives alone after the mother died – and the fishermen’s family with two children aged 2 and 4 who live in a house that is constantly full of water – to tell them that with the help of our Norwegian donors, we are able to build a new house to both of them!

It will be small houses, but with a good quality that will endure the autumn storms down here. They will have high ground walls, painted Wood with windows and solid canopies. They get floor, electricity and indoor toilet. We pay the materials and craftsmen – and our partners here down control the entire process. They must contribute With any available hands they might have of friends and family who are not in work. In total, it will cost 43000 Norwegian kroner per house. For these people, this is a fortune and something they never had hope of being able to do. They smiled all the time and thanked us again and again and again and again.

Then we proceeded to Kathrin – the 17 year old living in a house with two little babies without floor and with an unsecured dangerous electrical system – to tell her that we will restore their house for 20000 kr. We also had medications for her child and checked that she had been fine after the implanon she received on thursday. She is so endlessly grateful for everything.

Being allowed to give such good news to a person who has experienced so much pain in his life – really does anything about us ♡♡♡
Thank you for making this possible!

We now have:
– Nearly 100 girls in the contraception program
– 17 chronically ill adults and children receiving medicine on an annual basis
– 120 children have received school equipment
– And now we are building and restoring three houses (!) to people who really need it

We look forward to the continuation and hope you will still share your posts and support our programs! Use VIPPS to 90205152 or become a sponsor by transferring 80 kr per month to 1503 96 51510. You can also use pay pal to
We do not have any administrative costs, everything goes directly to those in need.

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