Building 3 houses!

Today, we were able to give amazing news because of you.

We visited Angel Luis – the boy who lives alone after the mother died – and the fishermen’s family with two children aged 2 and 4 who live in a house that is constantly full of water – to tell them that with the help of our Norwegian donors, we are able to build a new house to both of them!

It will be small houses, but with a good quality that will endure the autumn storms down here. They will have high ground walls, painted Wood with windows and solid canopies. They get floor, electricity and indoor toilet. We pay the materials and craftsmen – and our partners here down control the entire process. They must contribute With any available hands they might have of friends and family who are not in work. In total, it will cost 43000 Norwegian kroner per house. For these people, this is a fortune and something they never had hope of being able to do. They smiled all the time and thanked us again and again and again and again.

Then we proceeded to Kathrin – the 17 year old living in a house with two little babies without floor and with an unsecured dangerous electrical system – to tell her that we will restore their house for 20000 kr. We also had medications for her child and checked that she had been fine after the implanon she received on thursday. She is so endlessly grateful for everything.

Being allowed to give such good news to a person who has experienced so much pain in his life – really does anything about us ♡♡♡
Thank you for making this possible!

We now have:
– Nearly 100 girls in the contraception program
– 17 chronically ill adults and children receiving medicine on an annual basis
– 120 children have received school equipment
– And now we are building and restoring three houses (!) to people who really need it

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We do not have any administrative costs, everything goes directly to those in need.

Seeing the first results

Monday was tough, today was amazing. We have been at home visits to several of the patients that we took into our program this summer. And it’s touching to see how much better they’ve got already.

Remember, I told you I removed an 11th finger on a little boy? His name is Pinguilo and is a Haitian 5 year old boy. We have met him every year since he was 1. He lives in a shed with a 4 siblings and a sick mother. His father works from morning to night to take care of the family. But they eat only a little rice every day. He was teased by the other children for his 11th finger and last year I removed it just before I left home. Was nervous if he was going to run away when he saw us (local anesthetic in one finger is painful) – but he came running toward us and snuggled around us and did not want to let go. Constantly proudly showing off his hand 🙂
However, he has not grown much last year and we are worried about his nutrition. So we have decided to give him and his family food vouchers until next summer – and then provide him with schoolbooks and make sure he can start school in August.

Do you remember Rosa? A 33 year old woman who took care of her sick mother while she herself had a high blood pressure and began to have a reduced vision? She did not want to spend money on herself when her mother needed it so badly. With the four medications she gets through the program, she now has completely stable blood pressure and blood sugar – and her eyes are much better. She smiled all the while we were there.

And Dany, with inflammatory bowel disease that made him not nourish? He lost weight and did not work when we took him into the program last year. Now he has received pentasabehandling and steroids, as well as vitamins. He has gone on, has normal blood percentage and is back in work. He is most likely to recede at some point, but then the new cure is ready for him at the pharmacy. He and his family are indescribably grateful.

And Melissa? The 18 year old girl with diabetes who often had a “sugar shock” when she could not afford insulin. She received both blood glucose and insulin from us. Now she can spend money at school instead and has moved to neighboring town to go to school there. She comes here every month and retrieves the medicine she receives through the program. We have now also taken a new 16 year old with diabetes into the program and hope she goes the same way as Melissa ??

We are so happy to see that what we do works and how much it means to those we help. We wish you could be here and experience the pleasure of those you help!

Implanon clinic

Back in Cabarete. Where on one side of the main street you will find gorgeous beaches, luxury hotels and world class surfing. On the other side of the street, you’ll find a neighborhood where over 90% live in poverty. They have a school system without resources, little access to healthcare and a fast growing population. One of the main reasons why poverty here goes by cycle is that 40% of girls become mothers while they are even teenagers – 28% experience at least one pregnancy already aged 11-15 years.
Today we held a free birth control clinic and were overwhelmed to find a queue of girls already before we opened. After the health check and pregnancy test, we put the p-stick at all. A p-stick gives them 3 years of safe contraception.
The youngest girl was 14, the oldest 21. Several are already mothers, but this ensures that they do not get more children and thus increase the chance of getting a job. It’s hard to change the culture down here – but the interest that was today – gives us hope that we can reach many and hopefully reach them before they get children. We believe that by strengthening the girls’ opportunity for education – the families will be given the opportunity for a life beyond poverty.

Thank you very much for all your contributions. Without that, this would not be possible ♡

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You can also be a sponsor by making a fixed transfer to 1503 96 51510 of 80 kr per month. 80 kr may not be much for us at home, but here it gives two girls birth control and a children’s school equipment ♡

The removal of a sixth finger

Meet my good friend Pinguilo. He is a four year old, very charming boy from Haiti who lives with an almost countless number of family members in a shed. We met him the first time when he was a newborn baby and has met him every year since. He is one of many siblings, and he is often out late in the streets looking for something to eat

The family almost only eats rice and he is malnourished with a big stomach. At the same time he has a beautiful smile and charms everyone on his way. He has a sixth finger on one hand and the other children have teased him for this.

With the parents permission I removed Ps extra finger this summer. He thought it was very scary, but he was very tough. Afterwards he got two spinners of Marcus and then we bought some ice cold coca cola. We left 600 norwegian kroners at the store, so Pinguilo and his family can eat more varied food in the next few weeks when the wound is healing.

Today, our partners in La Cienega have sent us a picture of Pingilo – he is very proud of the result! And we are looking forward to meeting him again soon ♡

Supporting children with school equipment

Education and health go hand in hand – and we think it’s important to also have this focus in our work.

In the Dominican Republic, the wealthier children attend private schools, while public schools are open to all. The challenge for the poorest is that they can not afford schooling equipment and uniforms – and without this they must not go to school. This year, the authorities have decided that they support the kids with some equipment and uniform – but the equipment is of poor quality – and for too many children – this is all they get.

We therefore providere more than 100 children with pencils, pencil, eraser, color pencils, ruler and high quality writing books in the neighborhoods and on a free baseball summercamp. The children and their parents were very proud and grateful – and we want to continue and expand this program next year.

New medical home visits

Benedictes and her son Marcus has made four new home visits today with Diomedes.

We went to a 17 year old boy with serious epilepsy who we provided with medication for one year and an appointment with a specialist.

We also met two young men, one with a serious kidneydisease and one with a serious gutdisease. Both of them got medication for one year, and for the latter, this means that he will probably be able to go back to work. For a 30-year old man, this truly means a lot.

Last, we met a man with diabetes who has lost several toes and his sight to his disease. We got him medication for one year and an appointment with a optician to provide him with glasses that can give him some vision – he was indescribably happy!

Thank you again so very much for the support you provide, we would not be able to do this without it ♥ ️

The start of our birth control program

Dominican Republic has one of the world’s highest frequencies of child marriage and teenage mothers. The first time we came here, we met a 18 year old girl who was expecting her third child and she gsve us the motivaton to start The Sofia Programs. One of the other girls you see on one of the pictures here, was 14 years old when she got married and shortly after she gave birth her son. They both lost theire opportunity for schooling and work.

The culture of this is so strong in the country, that it is difficult to convince the girls to use contraception and finish school before getting married and have children. The poorest girls here are fiksing this to be the most important goal to achieve in life – and certainly do not want birth control. They usually get up to 10 children and start at a very young age. Medical complications after pregnancy and birth in teens are the leading cause of death in the world in women from 15-19 years. And early pregnancy prevents schooling in the vast majority.

We were therefore very excited over today’s attendance at our little birth control. We included 35 young women in the program. We held a lecture and provided contraception for a year. They must collect the tablets at the pharmacy monthly and we will continue with regular meetings where they attend. We know that these girls will tell their friends about this opportunity and that the program is likely to expand month by month. Without you, this would not have been possible – thank you so much for all contributions.

Medical home visits

We have been given permission to share some of today’s stories with you.

Today we went into one of the neighborhoods. We met people of all ages, suffering from serious cronic illnesses. Diomedes, the pharmacist took Benedicte around to houses where help is needed the most. We met people suffering from diabetes type 1, who need insulin to survive, but struggle to pay for the medication. We provided blood sugar meters, prescriptions for a year of insuline treatment, birth control and medications to treat high blood pressure as this can be extra dangerous for persons suffering from diabetes.

This tuesday we are planning on a birthcontrol clinic. So we spent the rest of the day today walking around and informing people about this.

Without the contributions from you, we would not have been able to see so many patients and certainly not be able to provide medicines for a whole year. So again,