The programs are named after the children of Family Severinsen and Roman

The Birth Control Program: provides sexual and preventional education, support and birth control to young women. We now have several hundred young women in the program. The youngest being 12 years old. She became a mother already as 11. We run our own clinic in La Cienega, Cabarete.

The Chronic Illness program: provides free medical assistance to people with chronic diseases. We have several dozens of children and adults with various diseases as epilepsia, asthma, diabetes etc. The patients that are included, cannot afford their daily medicine and after being included in the program, they achieve a disease control that give them a better life quality.

The School program: provides school equipment for children in public schools. The public schools are free of charge, but the parents must pay the school equipment. The poorest families can not afford this and therefore choose not to send the children to school. So far, we have provided more than 200 children with school books.

The Housing program: provides a new house or renovation of existing houses for the poorest families. We have built several dozens of houses so far, all the houses have electricity, two bedrooms, tiled bathrooms with water, living room and kitchen. The houses are painted in happy colors and easily recognizable when walking through these poor neighborhoods.

All programs prioritize people with little resources.