The Housing Program

There are many sheds in the slum areas where one would not think it could live families. February 2018, the Adrian program began to provide support for new houses or restoration of existing houses. The first family that was included was a fisherman, his wife and their children aged 2 and 4. They live in a shed that was destroyed during a fall storm 5 years ago. Since then there have been large amounts of water on the floors.

The second house we are going to build now is for an 18 year old boy who lives alone after the mother died of AIDS 4 years ago. He has never known his father. This house also takes in water – and he sleeps under plastic at night.

The last house we take into the program in spring 2018 is the house of a married couple where he is 19 and she is 17 years old. They have two little boys. The house is missing floors and has an unsecured electrical system.

A new house costs 43,000 kroner and we build high ground walls, painted wooden houses with solid canopies. Floors, electricity and indoors are laid.

Renovation of houses costs slightly different to what we do, the house we renovate now costs about 20,000 kr.